Top 9 Kitchen Cabinet Wrapping Ideas And Inspiration

Cabinets are the most essential component of kitchen renovations for which you can have multiple choices available in terms of styles and materials. However, to give your interiors a renewed look without the hassle of a complete refit, you can go for wrapping cabinets, which will create less mess and take up less space. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to improve the appearance and functionality of your kitchen.

For wrapping a cabinet, you just need the replacement of fronts and handles, giving it a new and attractive look. Whether you choose modern lay-on doors or a classical in-frame style, a wrapping job is worth considering to create space-efficient interiors. This piece of writing by Dubai Carpenter has explained multiple useful tips for this cabinetry treatment for kitchens.

Discover Our Most Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Cabinets in a kitchenette have the tendency to impact its entire look. Therefore, a wise selection is necessary to ensure an excellent and cohesive finish. Here are some creative ideas for you to try out.

1. Painted Or Wrapped Vinyl

Painted Or Wrapped Vinyl Kitchen

One of the most popular and budget-friendly choices for cabinet covering is the selection of vinyl material doors. Vinyl is a highly durable and resilient material that comes in a huge variety of colors and textures for various unique combinations.

With contemporary smooth looks or traditional wood grain finishes, vinyl can be the perfect addition to your residential or commercial kitchens. It is scratch, stain, and moisture resistant, hence, an easily maintainable choice. Also, it can be painted to match any existing dining furniture style for a well-synced appearance.

2. Matte And Painted Doors

Matte And Painted Doors

Painted matte wraps are another excellent choice for the visual enhancement of your kitchen Cabinets or pantry storage. The matte finish always looks aesthetically pleasing whether you select it for your base or wall-mounted cabinets. Because of the unlimited range of colors, textures, and design flexibilities, it can be an excellent addition to your space.

Also, stains, smudges, fingerprints, or marks are not visible on the surface of painted matte doors. In addition to that, such doors don’t get scratched or chipped easily, offering long-lasting serviceability. The maintenance of these doors is extremely easy and they can be repaired as well.


3. Natural Wood Veneered Wraps

Natural Wood Veneered Wraps

For wooden storage enthusiasts, veneer is the best and most affordable alternative to natural wood. Made from a thin layer of real solid wood, treated with distinct varnishes and stains, and then glued to high-density MDF or plywood, veneered wraps are an exceptional treatment for pantry cabinets.

Moreover, for wood veneer, you can choose any desired thickness, grain pattern, and color. Also, you can get these veneer wraps with a porcelain finish for a more appearance, they also offer more serviceability than resin veneers.

4. Solid Timber Covers

Solid Timber Covers

To give a high-quality finish to your kitchen, another great idea is the selection of solid timbers. It is the most durable, natural, and versatile choice to give the finest covering to your cabinets, allowing you to reflect your personality through the kitchen interior.

With light and dark brown shades, grainy and smooth textures, and distinct stains and finishes, solid timber covers can add visual interest to any space. Also, you can touch them up through a sanding process to restore their appearance.

5. Laminate Covers

Laminate Covers

Laminate doors are an incredibly versatile and affordable choice for the enhancement of your kitchen decor. Laminate covers come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures to give an aesthetically pleasant look to all spaces.

The excellent resistance of laminate covers against heat and water will provide you with the ease of maintenance. It’s an ideal choice for both modern and traditional kitchen spaces due to its multi-layered structure and excellent durability.

6. Foil Wrapped Option

Foil Wrapped Option

Thermofoil cabinet doors are renowned for their unique versatility and luxurious appearance. Made from vinyl or laminate and heated and pressurized onto an MDF core, this robust material is best for making drawer fronts and wrap covers.

There are a lot of colors, styles, and finishes and even solid-wood-like textures available for the foil-wrapped option. Thermos and high-gloss finishes are the perfect examples of wrapping doors that are bonded with MDF substrate to create durable cabinets.

7. High Lacquered Finishes

High Lacquered Finishes

One of the most popular, traditional and high-end kitchen cabinetry treatments is a lacquered finish that comes with a glossy finish. For this high-class and appealing finish, there’s an endless range of colors to choose from for a custom styling.

To create a smooth finish, they can also be waxed or oiled. With bright finishes, they enhance the entire room’s ambiance, and can also give your small spaces a roomy look.

8. Basket Style Storage

Basket Style Storage

To break the monotony of costly cabinetry treatments, an amazingly budget-friendly idea is to create a storage space with a basket. They are made from wicker or rattan mostly and you can also look for a textured material basket to add a rustic charm to your pantries.

This stylish textured basket can serve as a storage for vegetables, bread, and other cooking ingredients. However, don’t place them near the cooking range or any other heated objects. Also, you can use them as trays and mesh boxes for efficient organization.

9. Melamine Finish

Melamine Finish

If you are on a budget and looking for an affordable cabinetry treatment, melamine can be a great choice. Melamine is the resin-coated paper which is also known as the medium-density laminate, and is the most durable choice for regular kitchen use.

Available in an extensive range of surface finishes including matte, textured, and gloss, this is the most excellent covering choice for any furnishing essential. With resistance to heat, stain, and moisture, it is an easily maintainable and affordable choice for kitchen cabinetry.

End Point!

When it comes to cost-effectively renovating your kitchen cabinets, one of the best ideas is to opt for a wrap-around. Among these wrapping options, you can opt for the many options including vinyl, veneer, MDF, laminate, and solid timbers. Aside from that, you can choose between painted or matte finishes considering your taste. Also, melamine, lacquered and grainy finishes can add a touch of luxe to your residential and commercial kitchens. For quick and affordable interior renovations, these wrapped-around cabinets are an excellent choice to settle for.

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