Get Trendy Design of Parquet Flooring for Your Home and Office

Dubai Carpenter provides you with the traditional-style parquet floor treatment to improve your office and home value. We are the Top Supplier of Flooring in Abu Dhabi & UAE at very Cheap Prices.


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Luxury Parquet Flooring Dubai

Extensive Versatility

Our parquet flooring tiles can be installed in all your living space interiors.

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To check the parquet flooring texture and quality, you can request free swatches.

Long-Lasting Solution

Our parquet wooden flooring will serve you for the longest periods of time.

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You can contact our team to ask about the parquet flooring Dubai prices.

Classic Parquet Flooring Dubai

Add Timeless Style To Your Interiors With Parquet Wood Flooring

If you are in search of the best contractors for parquet flooring Abu Dhabi, our brand will be the most trustworthy destination for you.

We provide high-performance SPC parquet flooring tiles and planks for interior renovations. Our low-maintenance parquet floors come in various styles and patterns including basketweave, checkerboard, chevron, brick, stack, and herringbone. No matter what style you pick, our Parquet flooring price in Dubai is super affordable.

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Pick From Our Exclusive Parquet Flooring Range

Parquet Oak Flooring

Parquet Oak Flooring

Parquet oak floors are renowned due to their natural appeal, various design schemes, and rustic profiles.

Parquet Walnut Flooring

Parquet Walnut Flooring

It is one of the most sustainable options with a dark wood color. This flooring goes well with both vintage and contemporary decors.

Parquet Maple Flooring

Parquet Maple Flooring

Maple parquet is a highly dense and sturdy type of flooring, hence is a greatly sustainable choice for busy households.

Parquet Pine Flooring

Parquet Pine Flooring

It is crafted from pine wood, featuring adorable aesthetics, resilience, and is a practical option for office use.

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet Hardwood Flooring

Parquet blocks are mostly constructed from hardwood materials, creating highly durable surfaces to walk over.

Parquet Mahogany Flooring

Parquet Mahogany Flooring

Mahogany is another wooden species used to make traditional parquet floors, creating cohesion with room furnishing elements.

Parquet Cherry Flooring

Parquet Cherry Flooring

This flooring with warm tones and appealing grainy textures gives a subtle beautification to your indoors.

Parquet Lime Flooring

Parquet Lime Flooring

You can give a great decorative effect to your interiors with this flooring that comes with various mosaic patterns.

Trending Parquet Flooring

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Dubai Carpenter is a top-notch retailer of exceptionally durable flooring treatments. We provide you with a wide range of floor options for excellent interior makeovers. Our long-term favorable flooring solutions are:

Finely Manufactured

Efficient Working

Highly Durable

Book our expert floor fitters to get flawless installation services and enjoy smooth and sleek floor surfaces.

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Acquire Custom Flooring Treatments

To create appealing interiors according to your requirements,
you can avail of our customized flooring services. Here is our workflow:

Get Design Ideas

You can select from various parquet flooring patterns available at our platform.

Have Measurements

Our experts will measure your interior space dimensions.

Perfect Customizations

We shall design your custom floors with utmost perfection.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Parquet flooring and hardwood flooring differ due to the size of planks or blocks.Parquet blocks are smaller and uniform in size while hardwood planks are long and thin.

Parquet floors give an aesthetically pleasing look and come with various decorative patterns. This flooring is resistant to moisture and scratches. It is significantly durable, easy to maintain, and goes entirely well with both modern and traditional interiors.

This flooring treatment is suitable for almost every space and goes particularly well with formal interiors. You can install these floors in reception areas, hallways, kitchens, and study rooms. Besides that, the conference and multimedia rooms of your offices can also be embellished with this flooring.

The best way to clean these floors is to carry out regular sweeping and vacuuming. For mopping, use a mild soapy solution and make sure to not use an excessively wet mop.

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