Privacy Policy

Dubai Carpenter is a customer-centric platform that tends to provide premium-quality interior design services to earn customers’ trust. We genuinely believe that the confidentiality of user’s data is the first step towards a smooth and secure shopping experience. We allocate the right to the user to secure their personal information through our high-end confidential terms and regulations.

Securing user’s private information is our main concern and we made the best possible rules in order to achieve the best outcomes. We guarantee you that the third party cannot access the details you provide during the order booking process. Following the rules and regulations allocated by the company, we limit the access of third users to reach your confidential information.

We conduct a proper data privacy audit to keep your provided details confidential. Learn more about our considerate privacy terms that outline the best practices to ensure the secrecy of the information.

Confidentiality Of All Guests And Users

Our privacy terms are not restricted to the users but the information and source of the guests who visit our site will remain confidential. Let us familiarize the users with the guidelines and restrictions of the privacy agreement.

  • We need user data for the fundamental reason of a smooth shopping experience.
  • Our company follows the protection law to collect sensitive information from clients.
  • The collected data will be utilized for communication purposes during order shipping.
  • A third party or an unauthorized user can’t have access to your provided information.
  • We won’t send any promotional, regular, or unneeded e-mail until the user allows it.
  • With our permission, users can access their information for deletion and modification.

Limitations To Collect User’s Legal Information

As per the company’s privacy terms, we are obliged to protect the secrecy of user’s data. We only request the essential details of the user needed at the time of order processing. The mandatory details we ask for are:

  • Your Good Name
  • Authentic Address
  • Contact Number
  • Verified Email Address
  • Credit/Debit Card Detail

Non-disclosure Of User’s Personal Details

We promise to not let down the clients in any way, ensuring the protection of data following the law. We secure your information from unauthorized users and earn your trust by all means. Our company goes for legal proceedings in case any mishap occurs from third-party resources.

To maintain our brand image and ensure smooth workflow, we take immediate action for any inconvenience. You can be sure of the non-disclosure of information because we take every possible potential and technical measures to protect your privacy.

Legal Security Measures And Procedures

To ensure a high-end level of security, we won’t ask for user’s confidential details until they permit us. For user convenience, our team shares the duplicate file of the information given by you on your verified e-mail account.

We collect up-to-date information of the user, so you can review the file to correct any misleading details. In case of any incorrect information, we’ll instantly rectify the issue. If we need to give your details out of the region, we’ll ask for the user’s consent first.

Modification Rule For Privacy Statement Or Law

The company modifies the rules and regulations over time due to genuine reasons and current requirements. To stay updated with our privacy agreement details, you can visit our website anytime. We make modifications according to the physical and online user security.

Our company continuously works for the betterment of safety measures for clients. To ensure your physical security and concerns, we ensure that no one reaches you by following the details. You can check out our fundamental privacy rules on our website.

Contact Us To Acknowledge About Our Privacy Terms

We’re readily available to assist you with your concerns and queries regarding our privacy statement. Also, you can leave a query via e-mail to stay updated about our privacy policy terms.