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Dubai Carpenter offers stain, dust, and scratch-resistant SPC flooring for residential and commercial places at affordable rates.

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We Offer Maximum Customization Options For SPC Flooring Dubai

We craft this flooring with custom designs, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures to enhance the ambiance of your building’s floor.

Versatile Colors

We craft our floor with custom solid or neutral colors.

Custom Sizes

Get our premium flooring in custom sizes as required.

Intricate Patterns

Herringbone, stagger, diagonal, weave, or diamond pattern.

Floor Designs

Our featured SPC designs are planks, sheets, and tiles.

SPC Flooring

What Types Do We Offer For SPC Flooring Dubai?

As the #1 provider, we provide timeless floor services to add value to your residential and commercial properties. Dubai Carpenter provides the heavy-duty stone-plastic composite floor treatment to revive the entire space look, adding utmost comfort. Our luxury floor treatment contains limestone, plastic composites, and stabilizers. This heavy-duty flooring comprises a rigid and dense core layer.

SPC Luxury Flooring
SPC Luxury Flooring

We design our SPC luxury tiles or planks with thicker materials to enhance durability and underfoot comfort.

SPC Sheet Flooring
SPC Sheet Flooring

Our SPC sheets come in large rolls to fit the layout of any space by cutting per custom floor areas, adding timeless beauty.

SPC Tile Flooring
SPC Tile Flooring

Create an inviting look in your interiors with SPC cubic or squarish tiles, featuring manifold designs and texture options.

SPC Plank Flooring
SPC Plank Flooring

These planks comprise a rigid core with different thicknesses, widths, or designs for both residential and commercial places.

Buy Our Excellent Quality SPC Hard Flooring

Now, you can get our durable and eco-friendly Stone Plastic Composite flooring and flawless installation services in Dubai at discounted rates. Hurry Up!

Hickory SPC Flooring
Walnut SPC Flooring
Pine SPC Flooring
Oak SPC Flooring
Maple SPC Flooring
Granite SPC Flooring
Travertine SPC Flooring
Slate SPC Flooring
Marble SPC Flooring
Limestone SPC Flooring
Ceramic Tile SPC Flooring
Terracotta Tile SPC Flooring
Subway Tile SPC Flooring
Porcelain Tile SPC Flooring
Mosaic Tile SPC Flooring
spc flooring

What Benefits Does Our SPC Flooring Offer?

Are you searching for flooring that helps improve your building’s decor? Explore the unique and mind-blowing features of our resilient flooring.

Exceptional Durability

Our professionally crafted flooring contains multiple layers to enhance durability, such as UV, wear, decor, core, and bottom layers.

Easy Maintenance

Due to excellent scratch, dust, stain, and moisture resistance, our flooring requires very low cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Sound Absorption

To keep your residential or commercial areas calm and peaceful, our flooring absorbs the sound of footsteps, echoes, and other sounds.

Eco-Friendly Floor

We manufacture our eco-friendly floor with renewable and hypoallergenic materials to ensure low emission of VOCs in the atmosphere.

SPC Flooring in UAE

Select Our Stone Plastic Composite Flooring BY Color

You can choose our SPC flooring dubai with a broad spectrum of solid and neutral colors at an optimized price range.



Light Brown

Light Brown



Greyish White

Greyish White

Dark Wood

Dark Wood

Introduce Our SPC Flooring In Various Areas

We design our custom flooring to cover both residential and commercial setting with variant benefits. Get our waterproof and dust-resistant flooring for the following places.

Living Room & Bedroom

Living Room & Bedroom

Kitchen And Bathrooms

Kitchen And Bathrooms

Hotels And Restaurants

Hotels And Restaurants

Hospitals And Offices

Hospitals And Offices

Hire Us For SPC Flooring Dubai Installation

We have an expert team that installs SPC tiles and planks professionally at your residential and commercial places in Dubai. Approach Us Now!

Subfloor Preparation

Before laying the SPC tiles or planks, our efficient team ensures a completely dry, smooth, and clean subfloor by removing dirt or stains and filling dents with compounds.

Modern Techniques

We utilize state-of-the-art tools and modern techniques for prompt and effective floor installation. Hence improving the floor functionality and durability.

Maintenance Guide

Our floor requires very low maintenance due to its resilient structure and excellent dust and stain resistance. You can also get a free guide from our experts.

spc flooring IN UAE

Fixing Methods For Our SPC Floor

We design our stone-plastic composite floor with two sustainable and easy fixing methods: click-lock (interlock) and glue-down.

SPC Click Lock Floor
SPC Click Lock Floor

Distinguished by the click-lock installation method, this hassle-free technique doesn’t require any adhesive material for floor fixing.

SPC Glue-Down Floor
SPC Glue-Down Floor

Our self-adhesive and glue-down stone-plastic flooring prices are completely reasonable, hence offering low-cost installation.

Why Choose Us?

Being a famous flooring supplier in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer easily maintainable and long-lasting SPC planks and tiles for your homes and buildings.

Unique Floor Customization

Our expert team ensures maximum flooring customization to let you go with tailored material, color, pattern, size, and shape.

Floor Maintenance Guide

At Dubai Carpenter, you can also get professional floor maintenance and cleaning guides from our experts free of cost.

Professional Craftsmanship

We utilize innovative techniques to craft durable floor pieces. Our professionally crafted flooring requires low maintenance.


What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Stone-plastic floors are designed to withstand heavy use and foot traffic daily. This flooring is a durable and practical choice for all commercial settings such as retail stores, and restaurants. Because of its versatility, it can also be used in residential spaces too.

This multi-layered flooring is designed to be water-resistant. SPC planks or tiles withstand high humidity and don’t swell or crack with temperature fluctuations. Because of the wear layer, they can be installed in bathrooms and kitchens for maximum moisture resistance.

SPC-made flooring, including ceramic or porcelain tiles, can be installed on any floor. This flooring can be laid over any surface, but adequate preparation and damage treatment is necessary. Furthermore, you can approach our team for quick and effective floor installation.

One of the best aspects of this flooring is that it can be easily cleaned or maintained. The smooth surface of this flooring doesn’t allow any dirt or debris to accumulate. Moreover, the spills or stains can be easily wiped away from their surfaces without any marks.

At our store, we offer maximum customization options for these floors. You can get our durable and eco-friendly flooring with tailored colors, sizes, laying patterns, textures, and shapes. In addition, our experts can assist you in choosing a suitable option that fits your requirements.

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