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We have a wide collection of durable, aesthetic, waterproof, and easily maintainable laminate flooring for your residential and commercial places.

Laminate Flooring
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Free Quotation
Durable Material
Durable Material
Laminate Flooring Dubai

Features That Make Our Services Reliable

Our professional craftsmanship and excellent customer care make us stand out in the UAE flooring market.

Quality Products
Quality Products

Our high-performance flooring treatments come with quality assurance.

Affordable Prices
Affordable Prices

Get our affordable multi-layered waterproof floor to beautify your interiors.

Design Samples
Design Samples

To select the texture, color, and finish, you can request free sampling.

Quick Installation

We have an expert team to ensure flawless & fast laminate floor installation.

Laminate Flooring Dubai

Explore Functional & Aesthetic Benefits Of Our Laminate Floor

We manufacture this flooring using premium materials, featuring four layers to offer different functional and aesthetic benefits. This eco-friendly flooring ensures high water resistance, noise reduction, and exceptional durability. Explore the exceptional perks of our flooring now!

Waterproof Floor
Waterproof Floor

We cover the wear layer of our laminate planks & sheets with a thin layer of aluminum oxide lacquer to make it a waterproof option.

Extra Durability

The stabilized HDF core layer, antistatic layer, design layer, and outerwear layer make our floor extra durable and resilient.

Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction

Our multi-layered and thick flooring is installed with acoustic underlay to reduce the echos and walking footstep sound.


Our experts use non-toxic, renewable, and natural materials in crafting eco-friendly floors to reduce the emission of VOCs.

Choose Our Flooring By:

Dark Lyon
Luxury Laminate Flooring

What Types Of Laminate Flooring Do We Offer?

We have a wide variety of materials to craft textured or smooth laminate surface such as plastic, engineered, and natural woods. You can get this flooring with both glued and glueless options.

Plastic-Made Floor

Our plastic-made laminate is completely waterproof flooring that ensures maximum scratch, dust, and stain resistance.

MDF & HDF Laminate

We also use engineered woods (MDF or HDF) along with natural wood layers to enhance durability and stability.

Glued & Glueless Floor

Our glueless floor can be installed with a simple click-lock technique while glued floor requires heavy-duty adhesive material.

Textured Or Smooth

We design our floor with a stone or wooden texture for a realistic appearance while a smooth floor surface ensures dust resistance.

Cheap Laminate Flooring

Colors We Offer

Get our custom-made flooring in a wide range of solid or neutral colors to enhance the aesthetic value of your residential or commercial place.


Light Brown

Light Brown

Grey Laminate


Black Laminate

Greyish White

White Laminate

Dark Wood

Yello/ Red

Patterns We Provide

We design our floor materials with multiple eye-catching laying laminate patterns to enhance the style and ambiance of your floor surface. Explore Now!

Herriongbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

chevron flooring

Chevron Floor Style

Diagonal Pattern Flooring

Diagonal Pattern 

Brick Floor Design

Brick Floor Design

Hire Us For Laminate Floor Installation

We have an efficient team that ensures professional floor installation at low rates in Dubai and nearby cities. Get our services at your flexible time!

  • Ensure Expert Subfloor Preparation.
  • Free & Accurate Floor Measurements.
  • Precise Floor Fixing With Adhesives.
  • Finishing & Protective Coating.
Best Laminate Flooring

Applications Of Our Laminate Flooring

Our heavy-duty and long-lasting flooring is highly favorable for both residential and commercial buildings due to its easy maintenance.

Residential Flooring
Residential Floors

Cover the floor of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, apartment, and dining hall with our modern laminate tiles.

commerical flooring
Commercial Floor

The high dent and scratch resistance make this flooring the best option for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and offices.

Why Choose Us?

Dubai Carpenter is a top-notch firm providing long-lasting and waterproof laminate flooring for both commercial and residential buildings at low rates.

Free Expert Consultations

Our experts provide free cleaning and maintenance guides to keep your flooring surface clean and scratch-free. Get Now!

Flooring Customizations

Our professional team ensures complete flooring customization with endless options to ensure a highly personalized floor surface.

Prompt Doorstep Delivery

To optimize your overall budget, we also provide quick doorstep delivery of our laminate tiles or planks in Dubai free of cost.

Laminate Flooring

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Our flooring is backed by a base layer and protected by a wear layer to offer extended serviceability. The resin coating and an external layer make it more sturdy. The life span of this flooring can vary but based on the aftercare routine, they can last up to 15 to 25 years.

The installation of this flooring requires precise tools, adhesive materials, and professional techniques. Dubai Carpenter has an expert team for efficient and fast floor installation in Dubai and nearby cities. To avoid any inconvenience, you can hire our experienced team at affordable rates.

Yes, our multi-layered flooring ensures maximum water resistance due to its protective wear layer that resists the water. Unlike other flooring treatments, it doesn’t absorb moisture and can be installed in any damp area of your home including kitchens and bathrooms.

To clean these floors, you can use both homemade and commercial cleaners. Make a solution of water, and vinegar, and add mild detergent to it. Using the soapy solution and slightly damp mop, remove all the stains, dirt, or accumulated dust from the floors.

Yes of course! But our scratch and dent-resistance floor doesn’t require any extra finishing due to their unique protective coating. However, you can refinish this flooring by spreading the filler over the scratched or damaged area. If necessary, sand the area to achieve an even surface before varnishing the floor.

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