Terms And Conditions

Dubai Carpenter is a top-notch interior design brand that provides all sorts of furnishing elements for interior improvement purposes. To ensure streamlined services, we work based on specified protocols for our all-exclusive products and amenities.

If you are selecting us for shopping any product, let us familiarize you with the general terms and conditions followed by the company’s privacy policy. To get our featured services, you’ll need to agree to our end-user license agreement for efficient dealing and further proceedings. By agreeing to terms and conditions, you will have the contractual right to get our services.

Our Featured Products And Services

We gladly present to you our long collection of interior design furnishing elements for the comfort and functionality improvement of your residential & commercial spaces. Our brand has an extensive range of products featuring window coverings to flooring treatments, wallpapers to wall panels, rugs to carpets, and furniture to upholstery. We rightfully claim to provide premium-quality products with all the copyrights.

All of our products are constructed using sustainably sourced materials to provide you with the best value for your investment. For assurance and client satisfaction, you can view all the graphical images displayed in our gallery as the ultimate proof of our successful projects. We offer you the flexibility of selection for pre-made and customized products.

Material Composition Of Products

We ensure the meticulous construction of every interior design essential. Some details are mentioned below that you must know about our finely manufactured products.

  • We proudly claim to provide you with perfectly manufactured products.
  • You can get every kind and style of pre-made and customized interior product.
  • Every product will be exact as shown in graphical images.
  • There’s a possibility of the slightest change in the color tone of the product due to the light effect.
  • We note down every minor detail for customized products following your requirements.
  • After taking the order, we send a confirmation e-mail for further proceedings.
  • You can ask for the modifications when your item still needs to be manufactured.
  • We won’t show any flexibility after the order is delivered to your doorstep.

Integrity And Accuracy Of Products

As you can customize your products according to your bespoke details, we provide you with flexibility in our servicing manners.

  • We send our experts for area inspection and analysis of your place’s interior schemes.
  • They will take accurate measurements while considering related design details.
  • Our professionals will look for the approvals to confirm your choices.
  • Also, you can show us your favorite styles for custom-tailored products.
  • We won’t offer alteration service after your custom order is delivered to your doorstep.

Order Processing Details & Guidelines

To get in touch for the placement of the order, we facilitate you with different communication means.

Visit Official Site

You can visit our online site to book an appointment and discuss your concerns and queries.

Make A Phone Call

Our all-time availability will provide the facility to call us via telephone for order confirmation.

Through Whatsapp

Also, you can directly approach us via WhatsApp to schedule a site visit for related services.

Confirmation Call From Client’s Representative Team

After the placement of your order, our company contacts you through a phone call or sends an e-mail for confirmation. To avoid any misconceptions, our workers will repeat your specified details and you can correct any misleading information spontaneously. You can’t hold us accountable for misguiding us about the product details.

Conditions For Order Cancellation

In case, you change your mind due to genuine reasons and want to cancel your order, certain restrictions will be applied:

  • We will accept responsibility and show flexibility if there’s a manufacturing defect on our end.
  • You can cancel the order within the specified time limit allocated by the company.
  • Above the time limit, the cancellation rule is not applicable and you cannot cancel your order.
  • For order cancellation purposes, you have to notify us in 2-3 business days.

Rules For Product Refund Or Return

For refund and return of the product you’ve received, the company binds certain restrictions. The product refund is applicable only with certain conditions:

  • We’ll accept product returns only if your product is not designed according to your requirements.
  • The product is also refundable if there’s a manufacturing or quality defect.
  • In this case, the company will ask for a detailed video or clear picture with a comprehensive description of the issue.
  • After receiving the product, we’ll refund you through any payment method.
  • The defected product must be returned in its original condition to our nearby showroom.

Available Payment Methods

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery


As per the company’s policy, we also have the right to cancel the order when customers don’t meet the general condition or the location doesn’t come under our shipping region. The following terms and obligations will ensure a smooth shopping experience, avoiding unnecessary conflicts and misconceptions.