Embellish Your Beds With Our Custom Bed Headboards Dubai

Dubai Carpenter has come up with the finest elements for the improvement and beatification of your luxury beds. Our bransd will be your best destination for custom headboards near me. At our shop, you’ll find an exclusive range of headboards of every sort of design and size.

Amazing Headboard

Incredible Designing Excellence

Our High Quality Headboards Are The Ideal Decor Investment

Now you can give a perfect finishing touch to your bedding furniture with our finely designed modern headboards. We construct headboards with robust wood, real or faux leather, and iron to enhance the comfort, attractiveness and functionality of your bedroom spaces.

We use premium-grade materials for customized headboards for bed.

Our custom headboards Dubai work wonders for every bedding design.

Our headboards work as a focal point in your rooms while protecting your walls from greasy marks or stains. These headboards are a great backdrop as you can rest your head, give perfect support to your back, and make your pillows stay in place.

Our Glamorous Headboard Collection

View our finest collection of headboards that sync with twin, king, and queen bed designs, and come in versatile shapes, colors, and themes.

Cheap Quality Custom Bed Headboard
Beautiful Custom bed headboard
High Quality Headboard Dubai
Custom Bed Headboard

Pick Custom Designs & Sizes For Headboards In Dubai

Experience the sensation of comfort and style simultaneously with our contemporary headboards featuring quality finishes and luxury fabrications. Our headboards come with the finest build quality in the entire market.

Leather Upholstered Headboards

You can buy our tufted or padded leather headboards in a wide range of color palettes according to your taste.

Modern Wooden Headboards

For wooden bed headboards, we offer plenty of stains, finishes, textures, and sizes that will work wonders for all unique needs.

Durable Custom Bed Headboard
Custom Bed Headboard

Get Amazing Discounts On Bed Headboards

We provide you with plenty of discounts on an online order.


Excellent Customer Service

Why Should You Choose Us For Custom Bed Headboards Dubai?

Dubai Carpenter has gained recognition as one of the best headboard suppliers in the entire market because of exceptional services. We provide top-quality headboards for beds at budget-friendly rates.

Request Free Cost Estimates

You can ask for a price quote for free and have the project expenses defined.

All-Time Availability

You can reach out to us anytime for all sorts of assistance.

Order Free Swatches

To get the preferred color or design idea for the custom headboards, you can check out our product samples.

Our Proven Success

Examine these successfully completed projects to see the quality of our premium services.

The Work Procedure For Customized Headboards

We have an experienced team of craftsmen that create masterpieces right according to your specified details. Our workers carry out the customization of headboards in a meticulous way.

Online Consultations

Get in touch with us online and tell us your requirements of bespoke furniture.

Design & Material Selection

For custom headboards, we help you select the materials that work perfectly with your needs.

Perfectly Designed

We create masterpieces, ensuring accuracy in size and design details.

Threshold Delivery

Your tailored-to-excellence pieces will be timely delivered to your doorstep.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

With our specialised services, we have made countless clients happy since we carefully construct each item to meet their needs. Here are some appreciative notes from our prestigious clients.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

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When choosing the right custom bed headboard, consider the overall room scheme and pick accordingly. Besides that, carefully select the materials, size, shape, and designs. The color must complement the background wall of the room.

Wood is the most popular material option for custom bed headboards. Other than this, headboards are made of leather, iron, and wrought iron. Whereas, Velvets and linens are the most common upholstery fabrics for these headboards.

Have a look at the surrounding decor before choosing the right upholstery fabric. In case of patterned fabric, it should be large enough so that it reveals the overall design. The fabric color must complement the tone of the bed. Consider the fabric type, durability and maintenance requirements.

An effortless way to maintain custom bed headboards is to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush or an upholstery attachment. It’s important to vacuum the fabric thoroughly. Make sure to not exert too much pressure, so as to avoid any fabric damage.

Wood is the most popular and renewable source to craft custom bed headboards. Bamboo wood is the best specie that is free from toxic materials. The headboards made from recycled wood materials are also eco-friendly options.

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