Uplift Bed Style And Comfort With Our Custom Bed Headboards Dubai

Dubai Carpenter provides cost-effective customization treatments for bed backings. To beautify the existing decor and functionality or comfort improvement, we provide the most comfortable, durable, and affordable bed headrails online. Grab this offer with 15% off to upgrade your interior style!

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Get in touch with us right away, discuss all your requirements and ideas and get the most exceptional furnishing services.

Get Expert Consultation

You can get design tips and ideas for the personalization of bed headboards from our craftsmen and designers.

Ask Maintenance Tips

For every type of bedhead, we provide exclusive maintenance tips for the enhancement of lifetime.

Quick Assembly Service

We join and fix this component efficiently to any kind and style of bedpost right after the delivery service.

Quality Distinction!

Get Our Top-quality Customized Headboards For Dream Decor

Dubai Carpenter presents you with a trendsetting style range for personalized headboards that feature incredible build quality. You can revive the whole design of your furnishings with the addition of our bedheads made from heavy-duty recyclable, synthetic, and natural materials.

Various Designs

Get custom wooden, metal, panel, upholstered, Hamilton, leather, rattan, and patterned headboards from our shop.

Shapes And Styles

Select arch, bookcase, carved, cannonball, floating panel, cut-out, four posture, live-edge, mirror, planked, or raised panel styles.

Headboard Dubai
Headboard Dubai

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Core Features Of Having Our Custom Made Bed Heads

To transform the whole appeal, aesthetics, and comfort of your luxury furnishings, headrails are the best choice that comes with various styling and practical attributes.

versatility (1)
Style Versatility

We provide tailor-made headrails available in modern, classic, and various traditional styles.

Quality And Durability

Our finely manufactured bedposts are made using resilient materials to last for long terms.

maintenance (1)
Effortless Maintenance

These bed heads with framing and finishing, and being damage-resistant are easy to upkeep.

Additional Comfort

Our luxury and comfy bedposts add an extraordinary layer of comfort, improving the usage.

Ideal Support

We design items for prolonged working, relieving back pain, and improving posture support.

Easy To Fit And Handle

Our customized headrails are convenient to deal with, fitting the furnishing style ideally.

Reserve Your Slot To Order Custom Bed Heads On Discount

Book your appointment for furniture personalization at our workshop and get exemplary services without exceeding your budget line. We offer featured occasional discounts on our ideal personalization treatments for the utmost client satisfaction. Get in touch with our representatives today to enjoy discounted rates!

We Are The Top-Tier Supplier Of Customized Headboards For Beds

Dubai Carpenter is the leading workshop in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to provide you with the finest personalization treatments for bedposts. We always come up with trendy custom headboard ideas to provide you with a furniture piece tailored to your needs. By selecting our one-stop shop, you can get

Quality Assurance

To manufacture each piece, we use robust and durable natural and synthetic materials that create a worthwhile bedpost for styling purposes.

Long Term Investment

Investing in our leather, metal, wooden, aluminum, and plywood bed heads will provide you with the best value for your investment, ensuring longevity.

Featured Gallery

Unlocking Modern Headboard Design Ideas

Discover our finest variety of pre-made headrails to select the ideal style for customization, aligning with your existing furnishing style. The styles we offer are:

Wooden Headboards

Wooden Headboards

Our headrails are made from different types of wood materials including oak, pine, rattan, walnut, beech, and birch.

Metal Headboards

Metal Headboards

We provide bed heads made with resilient curved and straight metal lines to give a unique and long-lasting appearance.

Leather Headboards

Leather Headboards

Our leather backings are made from either genuine or faux leather to ideally improve the level of comfort and style.

Extraordinary Services!

Beautify Your Interiors With Our Affordable Customized Headboard Dubai 

Give your luxury furnishings a classy and elegant makeover with the attachment of our perfectly customized headboards. We offer extensive innovative styles for these bed heads to enhance comfort and practicality simultaneously.

Unique Personalizations

You can get statement bedrails customized in terms of materials, sizes, shapes, textures, and crafted patterns to get the perfect fit.

Reasonable Pricing

Whether you select a wooden headboard design or a leather one with a button style, our prices are affordable for every user.

#1 Custom Bed Headboard

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Reach Out To Us

Leave us a message or email for instant consultations, doorstep material sampling, and area measurement services.

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Why Choose Us For Custom Bed Headboards in Dubai?

Dubai Carpenter stands out as the top-rated custom furniture designer and provider in Dubai. We provide stylish and comfortable headboards in various designs at reasonable prices.

Design Samples

To select headboard materials & designs, you can review samples before purchase.

Online Bookings

You can also book a bespoke order and we’ll reach out to you to get the precise details.

Headboard Fixing

We offer flawless fixing of headboards to give your interiors an all-set appearance.

Threshold Delivery

After excellent craftsmanship, your order will be delivered timely to your intended spaces.


We’ll give you brand new and original creative ideas to bring your campaigns to life and as always will throw in an abundance of friendly

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