Enjoy Luxurious Kitchens With Our Kitchen Cabinets Dubai

Dubai Carpenter is at your service with another remarkable treatment which is Custom Kitchen Cabinets Dubai, designed to make every kitchen useful, attractive and well-organized. 

Kitchen Cabinets
Unique Customization
Finest Materials
Free Doorstep Delivery
High-end Finishes
Flawless Installation
Versatile Measurements
Guaranteed Material
Best Kitchen Cabinet

Classy Kitchen Cabinet Dubai Options We Provide

With us, you’ll explore the most innovative storage options and styling possibilities for your kitchens and can make them functional and valuable like never before!

Easy Maintenance
Wall Cabinets

Enjoy presentable and accessible storage while you move around and work in your kitchen

Scratch Resistant
Shaker Cabinets

They have cope-and-stick designs and recessed doors, perfect for both traditional and modern kitchens

Natural Appearance
Base Cabinets

These cabinets get installed on the floor and are great for storing large items

High Resilience
Slab Cabinets

This modern, affordable and versatile storage is very easy to deal with and maintain 

Kitchen Cabinet

Benefits Of Getting Custom Kitchen Cabinets From Us

Our cabinetry and shelving products for kitchens are chiefly known and preferred for their durability, elegance and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re getting a complete kitchen overhaul or just need to re-do the storage, our cabinetry services are versatile to best cater to all needs. 

Wooden Oak Flooring
Smart Storage

Our kitchen cabinets dubai make the most useful, easily accessible and versatile storage for organizing not just all kitchenware and pantry staples but also for storing food

Wooden Maple Floor
Easy Maintenance

Our cabinetry will make it easy for you to keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free and it’s also stain and scratch resistant so very low-maintenance

Wooden Cherry Floor
Space Efficiency

These cabinets work equally best for both small and large kitchens and for outdoor use too; they help keep the area well-organized, spacious and presentable 

Wooden Mahogany Tiles
Improved Value

Adding our luxurious cabinets will make your kitchens look highly valuable, hence you can expect many financial benefits and exceptional cost-efficiency in the long run

Choose Cabinets For Kitchens By 

Modern Black kitchen cabinets
Ivory kitchen cabinets
High-gloss white cabinets
Glass-front kitchen cabinets
Contemporary grey cabinets
Kitchen Cabinet

Material Options We Offer For Custom Kitchen Cabinets Dubai

At our store, you’ll have the widest material, style, design, shape and size varieties for kitchen area cabinets. Whether you want a sleek looking storage or an elaborately designed one, we have every option available.  

Exact Measurements
Solid Wood

Timber cabinetry is a timeless choice which will impart matchless opulence to your kitchen decor

Subfloor Preparation
Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF Cabinets are cost-effective and offer the same performance as wooden ones on a budget 

Subfloor Preparation
PolyVinyl Chloride

PVC cabinets are lightweight, easy to clean, moisture-resistant, sturdy and suit a variety of areas

Precise Finishing
Veneered Particle Board

These cross-grain cabinets are very heavy-duty, durable, eco-friendly and completely free from warping or expansion

Kitchen Cabinet

Popular Pattern Options For Kitchen Storage

For those of you who want something outstanding for your cabinetry in the kitchen, we offer plenty of patterned choices. Other than these designs, you can also get custom panel/door designs. 


Brown Hardwood

Light Brown

White/ Red Oak


Dark Charcoal

Greyish White

Creamy/ Beige

Dark Wood

Brown Maple

Commercial-grade Kitchen And Pantry Cabinets 

We also provide cabinetry services for kitchens in offices and other commercial spaces. Whether you’ve got a small space or a large kitchen interior, you can entrust its finest improvement with us. 

Base cabinets

Base cabinets



Cabinet panels

Cabinet panels 

Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets

Choose Our Excellence For Kitchen Cabinet Installations 

After you’ve chosen your desired cabinet material and style, you can also get the complete installation treatment under the same roof. Here’s what we offer:

  • Precise and long-lasting Cabinet Fitting
  • Noise-free Door/Panel Working
  • Stain, Scratch and Temperature resistant finishes
  • Compact floating shelves and cabinets 
Kitchen Cabinet

Other Services We Offer For Cabinets In Kitchens 

Other than new storage treatments, we also offer reviving, fixing and styling services for existing ones. Have a look at what we provide:

Cabinet Refacing
Cabinet Refacing

In this servicing, we replace the skin panels of your existing cabinets and drawer fronts for a renewed kitchen look 

Cabinet Repairs
Cabinet Repairs

As per this treatment, we treat and fix all damages like water damage, misaligned doors, discoloration, loosened knobs, faulty latches, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

Dubai Carpenter is a top-tier provider of storage solutions and services for kitchens. You can buy our kitchen cabinets dubai online in the UAE and restore your kitchens without spending a fortune.

Free Consultation Services

We offer free of cost consultations, guidelines and suggestions to help you have the most favorable kitchen interiors 

Free Material Samples

You can request the free delivery of any desired cabinet materials so as to evaluate the build quality 

Custom Styling Treatments

We also offer painting, staining and finishing services as well as decorative accessories like door knobs and latches 

Kitchen Cabinet

A Few Comments Validating Our Excellence

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the precise explanations of some of the queries or concerns you may have. And we’d be more than happy to answer all others too. 

Our cabinets for kitchens can last for up to 15 to 20 years. To make the most out of them, it is essential that you maintain as well as inspect them regularly. In addition, careful usage is also important which mainly includes not slamming the doors and not being harsh while cleaning. 

Resfacing refers to a cosmetic process wherein the existing finish of the cabinets is replaced with more tough and heavy-duty materials. These are usually wood veneer, laminate or rigid thermofoils. Resurfacing is a cheap and useful idea to address all damages of and give a renewed, attractive look to cabinetry.

In this regard, you need to consider regular cleanups, damage addressing and careful organization. For cleaning, you can use warm water along with a few drops of dish soap and wipe the cabinets using a soft fabric. Lining the cabinets with silicone mats or plastic is also a good idea. 

Base cabinets are 34.5’’ tall, 21’’ to 24’’ deep and 12’’ to 48’’ wide with the toe kick measuring up to 4.5’’. As for wall cabinets, they are around 30’’, 36’’ or 42’’ tall and have a depth of either 12’’ or 24’’. Their width can be up to 12’’ to 36’’. Whereas, tall cabinets are 84’’, 90’’ or 96’’ tall, have a depth of 24’’ and their width can be 18’’, 24’’, 30’’ or 33’’.

A few great recommendations in this regard are solid wood, stainless steel, plywood, particleboard, melamine, wood veneer, hardboard, decorative laminate and plastic. You can reach out to us to learn about the pros and cons of each and get good suggestions for your place.

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