How To Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Combining two (or sometimes even more!) window treatments is always meant to provide multiple benefits and the most promising longevity. The two could be of the same sort or entirely different, depending on what works for a space and individual taste. One such smart approach is the combo of plantation shutters and curtains.

While window curtains have been around for centuries, plantation shutters are quite a new concept, an innovative version of window blinds. Imagine how pairing the two could benefit you! That’s exactly the interesting info we’ll present today at Dubai Carpenter. So, if you want to be unique with your window treatments, you’re in for a treat!

Combining Plantation Shutters & Window Curtains | Why And How

Combining Plantation Shutters & Window Curtains

To begin with, it’s important to know why one should consider such a window-covering idea. In other words, what are the potential benefits of doing so? Let’s have a look.

  • Better Beautification: Of course, using two window coverings, in our case curtains and plantation shutters, together is a foolproof way to improve the look of your windows and accentuate the surrounding decor. Plantation shutters are often made of wood, and they can look incredibly attractive with curtains of just about any design, whether plain or printed. You can also keep one element minimal and the other bold.
  • Light Leverage: Effective and easy light management is another potential benefit of using two window coverings together. You can enjoy both light blockage and area brightness at the same time without having to invest in dedicated components. Besides, curtains and plantation shutters together will also cast really appealing light effects, leading to moderately lit, warm, and inviting interiors—an idea totally worth a try!
  • Privacy Protection: Nothing can provide you with seclusion better than a double window treatment, that too, without sacrificing the level of incoming light you prefer. If either curtains or shutters do not seem high-coverage enough to you, then it’s a wonderful approach to top them off with another window covering. Doing so will guarantee maximum mental peace in areas like bedrooms and personal libraries.
  • Energy Efficiency: Certainly, a double window treatment means getting a better handle on the indoor environment. With the combined usage of plantation shutters and window curtains, you’ll be able to easily optimize the room temperature to your liking, that too without excessive HVAC requirements. Think of the amount of money you can save with less usage of air conditioners.
  • Improved Insulation: Another obvious advantage of using two window coverings is that they will insulate your rooms really well and for longer time spans, too. Also, you can effectively stay safe from cold winds this way and maintain a perfectly comfortable and pleasant temperature. And, of course, this will save you a reasonable amount of money in the long run.
  • Functional Flexibility: With two window coverings at hand, you can effortlessly create every desired atmosphere and decor look. Whether you’re giving your windows or skylights a certain appearance or making the most of natural light, plantation shutters, and curtains will do wonders for every requirement. You can always close one and benefit from the light filtering and/or style of the other.

Hoping for you to be convinced enough by now. Let’s move on to actually creating this wondrous window treatment setup. 

Important Considerations For Pairing Curtains & Plantation Shutters

Important Considerations For Pairing Curtains & Plantation Shutters

Before we proceed to the actual methods, there are some aspects that you need to take care of to generate the best results and ensure a worthwhile improvement for your interiors.

  • Opt for floor-to-ceiling panel curtains as they are great at stacking neatly and also tend to capture attention.
  • For precise measurements, make sure to add up to 12 inches to the resultant figure obtained after measuring the window frame for fine draping.
  • Install the curtain rod high above the window frame, preferably close to the ceiling to create an elongated window look plus spacious rooms.
  • Your curtain fabric should follow your desired purpose: blackouts or opaque fabrics for light blockage and sheers or voiles for filtering.
  • If you want a really bold and outstanding look, you should go for dark-colored curtains. Otherwise, stick to neutrals for the best complimenting plantation shutters.
  • Pay enough attention to the curtain hardware as well and choose components that highlight both curtains and shutters without diminishing their beauty.

Instructions For Combining Plantation Shutters With Curtains 

Instructions For Combining Plantation Shutters With Curtains

Here’s a simple and streamlined approach to covering windows with curtains and plantation shutters and this method will work for most cases.

1-Depending on your styling preferences and window style, you can either install the plantation shutters with an inside mount or an outside one.

2- Start curtain addition by mounting curtain rod brackets 6 inches above the top of the window frame. Ensure secure mounting according to the particular instructions.

3- Level the brackets and add the curtain rod, then secure it as well. Ensure you get a rod that can withstand the weight of your curtains.

4- Attach your curtains to the rod with the help of rings or rod pockets. In the case of rings, you’ll need to attach them to the curtain panel and then to the rod.

5-Test the smooth working of your curtains by moving them. They should not hinder the movements of the shutters either. You might need to adjust stacking space or rod height.

6-Depending on your light filtering and/or aesthetic preferences, you can use tiebacks for holding curtains sideways. A pelmet can also be installed on top for a luxurious look.

To Conclude

Putting two window coverings together is always an effective gateway toward plenty of perks and the most unique aesthetics. Besides, the best thing is that there’s no hard and fast rule for doing so, and you can be as creative as you want. Also, this idea does not cost anything at all, and oftentimes, ends up saving you more and also keeping your window treatments safe and working for longer periods, through divided functionality. So, if you’ve been thinking about doubling up stuff next to your windows, this blog is your sign to get on to it. And we’ve got you all the help you need to get started. Try this one out and enjoy the outcomes!

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