Light vs. Dark: Which Floors Will You Choose?

Selecting a perfect flooring material that can provide durability, color contrast, and style is a challenging task. In this healthy comparison, Dubai Carpenter has tried its best to convey the best possible solutions for light and dark flooring options. Light and dark flooring have their pros and cons due to surface texture, color difference, and style. But the final decision depends upon your choice, furniture and walls color contrast, budget, and style.

Light vs. Dark Floors | A Robust Comparison

There are multiple aspects that play a role of foundation while choosing light vs. dark flooring material. You should consider the space illusion, color contrast, cleaning, and maintenance.

Pro Tip: Avoid the use of the same color (either light or dark) for all room furniture accessories, walls, and ceiling. Because it will blend everything in the room. Always choose the contrasting color to complement the interior theme.

Considerable Factors While Choosing Light vs. Dark Flooring

  • Space Illusion

Space illusion is directly linked with the setting of furniture items, the amount of entered light, and color theme. If your room already has limited natural light due to fewer windows and doors, use light-colored flooring material to get a bigger space illusion. On the other side, if your room is naturally bright due to maximum coming light, you may use dark color flooring options.

  • Maintenance

If we talk about maintenance, dark flooring materials require very low maintenance due to their solid texture and color. Dark flooring can hide microdust but can’t hide pets’ hair and debris particles. While light flooring requires regular cleaning and maintenance as dust particles and stains are clearly visible on the surface. So before deciding an appropriate flooring, always consider your cleaning schedule.


  • Color Contrast

Color contrast is another major factor that should be considered before choosing any flooring material (light or dark). You can compare the color of walls, furniture items, and ceiling for optimum light reflection, interior theme, and design. Light colored floor is valuable in crafting a bright, relaxed, and fresh room space while dark colored floor crafts an elegant, sophisticated, and bold atmosphere.

  • Flooring Materials

There are a variety of functional materials that can be considered for light vs. dark flooring such as natural wood, porcelain, marble, stones, or laminate. All these materials are available in endless colors, patterns, and textures. To choose the best material you should also analyze its aesthetics, maintenance, dust, and stain-resistance.

Flooring Material

Perks Of Light Floor

Opens Up Room Space

Light colored floors can create an illusion of bigger space as compared to dark colored floors because it brings more brightness due to light reflection.

Easy To Clean

In some ways, light flooring can hide the small stains or dust particles, hence requires less cleaning practices than dark floor materials.


Aesthetic Value

Light flooring surfaces can complement a broad spectrum of designs, colors, and styles due to their universal texture, appearance, and glance.

Offers Unique Canvas

By choosing light colored material on the floor surface, you can prominent the bold colors of your walls, furniture items, and ceiling more.

More Casual Feel

With this light color, you can get a more casual floor look due to the cozy and calm atmosphere. This material crafts a relaxed and decent room space.

More Casual Feel

Disadvantages Of Light Floor

Give Washed Out Look

When natural light falls on the light colored flooring surface, it gives a washed out look or vanished space look due to huge reflection and brightness.

Fading Appearance

Usually light colored flooring gets more color fading as compared to dark one. You will always feel a color fading on the floor surface.

Perks Of Dark Floor

Dark Floor

Ambiance & Warmth

The dark colored floor always adds warmth and eye-catching ambiance to your room. Moreover, dark color also stands out from the rest of the light colored room accessories.

Less Prone To Fading

Darks colored flooring materials are usually less prone to fading due to their bold and solid nature. A valuable flooring choice as it can resist the fading for long time.

Less Prone To Fading

Increased Resale Value

Solid flooring colors enhance the aesthetics and elegance of your room or halls. These colors can captivate visitors hence increase the resale value of your home.


Due to their versatile nature, these colors can also complement any interior design and style. You can get a matching and contrasting interior by adopting dark colored flooring.

Disadvantages Of Dark Floor

Smaller Space Illusion

The dark colors usually give a smaller space illusion due to low light reflection. Choosing dark colored flooring can also create an effect of darkness in the room.

No Hidden Debris

Debris and dirt particles are usually more visible on the dark flooring due to their color contrasting feature. Dark flooring just can hide the dust to some extent.

No Hidden Debris


Hard foot or pet nails scratches are more visible on the dark flooring surface. However, you can apply scratch-resistant sheets on such flooring materials.


It is concluded with remarks that both light and dark floorings have their own pros and cons. For large space illusion, unique canvas, easy cleaning, and casual look, light colored flooring materials are best. However, for ambiance, warmth, fade-resistance, and resale value, dark colored flooring options are best. By following our foremost factors, you will be able to choose the best material that fulfills your dream flooring features.

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