Comparison: Custom-Made Vs Ready-Made Curtains

The windows are the most prominent element when we consider the aspects of interior design. The debate starts when we’re going to cover the windows with custom-made or ready-made curtains. To provide the users with a perfect analysis, Dubai Carpenter has made a strong comparison between ready-made and custom-made curtains. We have compared both these options based on cost value, size, fit, fabric material, style, quality, and personalization. Considering these points, you can easily select the desired window cover within your budget.

Custom-Made Vs. Ready-Made Curtains | A Clear Comparison

Customized curtains are those that are available with precise options in colors, materials, sizes, patterns, textures, and hanging styles. You can choose every factor per your desire, requirements, and way of hanging. This type of curtain unlocks various functional and aesthetic benefits with quick installation.

On the other side, ready-made curtains are fabricated with standardized options given by the manufacturers. In addition, these curtains provide very limited options for window treatments but are on-time available. Because of their limited functionality, we need to put extra effort into adjusting and hanging the ready-made drapes to any window design. But these curtains are available at cost-effective rates due to their standard features.

  • Cost Value


Cost Value of Custom Made

These curtains usually require more budget because of the unique and precise customization options such as specific fabric material, size, and accessories. You can also add any type of extra feature to these curtains Lights by paying more budget such as motorization or liners.


Cost Value of Ready Made

Ready-made curtains require a very low budget because they are produced in bulk quantity with standardized specifications. Manufacturers can compromise their craftsmanship as they are produced in mass.

  • Size And Fitting


Size And Fitting of Custom Made

These curtains can be fixed for each type of window style and size. They are crafted with exact window sizes and shapes for a perfect window treatment. Moreover, you can also opt for any hanging style with these bespoke curtains such as floor length or sill length.


Size And Fitting Of Ready Made

These curtains do not have perfect sizes for windows. Therefore, you need to alter their shapes and layout and compromise on their sizes.

  • Fabric Material


Fabric Material of Custom Made

If we talk about fabric material, tailor-made drapes offer greater choices for window covering. Some common materials like cotton, silk, polyester, linen, velvet, or lace are fabric of choice. The personalized curtains allow you to prioritize your style and choice.


Fabric Material of Ready Made

Ready-made curtains usually come with fewer fabric options. They commonly use materials like polyester, cotton blends, and synthetic fabrics. Although there might be a bit of variety, the choices are often the same for many people, designed to suit a wide range of customers.

  • Curtains Style


Curtains Style of Custom Made

These window coverings allow you to pick different styles, patterns, and exclusive fabrics. You can also personalize them with specific lengths, widths, and extra details like pleats and trims.


Curtains Style of Ready Made

The prefabricated drapes offer fewer style choices, usually coming in standardized designs to suit a wider audience. Their mass-produced nature limits the customization options for unique style preferences.

  • Processing Time


Processing Time of Custom Made

These curtains require extensive processing time due to precise measurements, fabric selection, and analysis of the personalization features. Moreover, the chosen design complexity and material availability also affect the overall processing time.


Processing Time of Ready Made

Ready-made curtains are faster to process as they are pre-made and come in standard sizes. You can select and install them immediately, providing a quick solution for those in need of window treatments without waiting for production.

  • Curtains Quality


Curtains Quality of Custom Made

Custom-made curtains often come with better quality fabrics. This is because you get to pick premium materials. You can choose more durable fabrics, that have a nice texture, and block light better, depending on your needs.


Curtains Quality of Ready Made

The quality of these window covers may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some utilize good quality materials, while others may use less expensive fabrics. It’s necessary to analyze curtains’ fabrication and overall quality when you opt for ready-made window curtains.

  • Personalization


Personalization of Custom Made

In this curtain type, you can also choose additional bespoke features like lining, pleats, and decorations accessories. This customization ensures that the curtains match exactly what you want and need for your specific preferences and practical requirements.


Personalization of Ready Made

Ready-made drapes don’t offer wider options for customization. However, you can pick from the sizes and styles that the manufacturers have crafted. In selecting the ready-made drapes, you don’t have full access to choose the desired window covering.

Final Words!

It is summed up with the review that both custom-made and ready-made curtains have extensive potential for window covering. But tailor-made curtains facilitate you in many aspects such as precise customization, choosing fabric quality, and exact window fitting. On the other hand, ready-made curtains require much less processing time and budget. Dubai Carpenter has revealed a perfect comparison between these two different categories of window drapes by analyzing functional, structural, and economical aspects.

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