5 Amazing Ways To Style Your Curtain Lights

Curtain lights, which are also referred to as fairy or string lights, are a classic and wondrous decoration element that never fails to appear charming. They are extremely versatile and can be utilized for just about every ornamentation objective, mainly accentuating ones. Unlike regular fairy lights, they offer broader coverage of light, meaning more space/surface can be covered.

Moreover, they are energy-efficient and hazard-free compared to other sources of decorative illumination, since they feature LED bulbs. All in all, they are exceptionally useful and make it entirely effortless to spice up any given space. With that said, what’s left is how to use these eye-catching lights for extraordinary home decorations.

Why Use Curtain Lights Instead Of Other Options 

Before we get to the usage part, let’s have some discussion about why you should go for these lights in the first place. The following facts and figures will help you make up your mind in case you’ll be buying them for the first time.

  • Fuller Cascades: As stated earlier, curtain lights have a broader structure than regular ornamental lights, which not only creates more attractive decors but also helps with the better concealing of any unsightly parts.
  • Energy Efficiency: The LED bulbs of these lights make them highly energy-efficient and cost-effective as well, unlike regular lights which consume a lot of electricity, and they also last fairly long.
  • Safe To Touch: These lights are completely safe to use in every area and you don’t need to be concerned about anybody getting electrocuted upon contact, especially children and pets.
  • Waterproof: Another fundamental benefit is the fact that these lights have no chance of getting damaged by moisture or water, which is why they can be used outdoors. Also, they do not get hot, hence remain safe and useful all the time.
  • Easy To Handle: Both the installation and management of these lights are completely effortless. Often, they feature adhesive backings for easy fitting and you can put them on with just about any sort of support.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: These lights appear simply enchanting and you can have them in various colors, both soft, warm tones and bright, outstanding hues. They are a perfect choice if you want a mild yet pleasant accessorizing.

Fashioning Home Decor With Curtain Lights | Mind-blowing Ideas

Dubai Carpenter is here to provide some of the best ideas to style your curtain strip lights and add much-needed sparkle to your surroundings. Our suggestions are convenient and timeless and can cater well to every taste.

1- Winsome Window Warm-up

Winsome Window Warm-up Curtain Lights

  • Of course, since we are dealing with “curtain lights” what could be a better way to style them than to actually put them next to window curtains?
  • You can do this to literally any curtain of your choice and it’s the most efficient way to perk up the look of a dull and plain drape.
  • All you need to do is hang the strands of curtain LED lights from the top of the curtain panel or the rod/pole.
  • This idea will work particularly wonders with lightweight curtains like sheers or those made of lace.
  • Curtain clips or adhesive screws can also be utilized for a more easy hanging and long-lasting securing.
  • You can even create such a setup in which curtains can be folded sideways while the lights take up the window opening space.
  • Also, it’s a very creative way to highlight curtains that don’t get opened frequently or at all; the curtain panels will act as a base layer for accentuating the entire fall of lights.

2- Beautiful Bedding Backdrop

Beautiful Bedding Backdrop Curtain Lights

  • If you feel like your bedroom lacks a certain element of visual interest, illumination, and/or warmth, adding some strands of curtain lights is just what you need to do.
  • The best approach in this regard is to install the lights behind the bedding or a couch. This can be done to both plain walls or the ones with a window.
  • Just make sure you don’t place the lights behind a bed with a huge headboard as the idea is to create a luminous backdrop and a big backrest or headboard will simply fail it.
  • Though the brightness of curtain string lights is very minimal and doesn’t normally seem bothersome, you can consider buying ones with a switch to turn them off.
  • This idea will also save you on energy expenses as you won’t need regular appliances or lamps excessively in the bedroom.
  • Adding curtain fairy lights has a really pleasant impact on the mind and is known to minimize anxiety while generating a sense of happiness, something you’d definitely want in your bedroom to unwind.

3- Mesmerizing Mirror Makeover

Mesmerizing Mirror Makeover

  • Nothing can be a perfect spot to benefit from the allure of string lights than a mirror. It’s basically doubling up the radiance which also offers visual depth and roominess.
  • Other than vanity or dressing mirrors, you can also try this amazing idea on other (ornamental) mirrors in the house, such as those in hallways.
  • The attachment of lights can be done in multiple ways, such as by using clear command hooks, cup hooks, adhesive clips, wire suckers, or simply low-profile tape.


  • Not to mention that doing this will make it easy for you to carry out all grooming activities, given the added brightness.

4- Suave Shelving Shift

Suave Shelving Shift home Curtain Lights

  • If you want to improve the look of your storage, bookshelves, or any other form of cabinetry, curtain fairy lights can be a true game-changer.
  • The best part about this idea is the sheer flexibility, meaning you can either go with a particular pattern to put the lights on or be as messy as you want (in a good way!).
  • In case you wish to secure the lights to the edges of the shelves, you can make use of nails, command hooks, transparent tape, drawing pins, or clear hooks.
  • Start by horizontally laying out the lights, followed by covering the sides of the bookshelf vertically for a nice appearance, plus minimal overlapping and sagging.
  • If you’re using curtain lights with a battery pack, begin placement from the other end (the one not attached to the battery pack) and make sure to keep the lights taut.

5- Classic Canopy Creation

Classic Canopy Creation Curtain Lights

  • If you’re also into the classic charm of a fairytale-like bedding canopy, it’s high time you make one through the use of curtain string lights.
  • You can create an entirely new canopy with any fabric of your choice along with, of course, fairy lights or simply make a full canopy, merely out of lights.
  • A few great pattern recommendations for a fairy light canopy are criss-cross pattern, draping in the form of parallel lines, or creating a square.
  • If you happen to have a canopy bed already, adding curtain fairy lights can really amp it up and make the entire bedroom extremely inviting, plus comforting as well.
  • A smart choice while getting lights for a bedroom, is to use those with a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the brightness and don’t face any trouble falling asleep.

In Short

If the very sight of the warm glow and coziness imparted by fairy lights always seems engaging to you, then you must experience the charm of curtain lights. They are far more voluminous and appealing than ordinary lights and can truly transform any area in no time.

To assist you in getting started, we’ve listed 5 incredibly easy and effective ideas that you can employ to make curtain lights an outstanding part of your home. By all means, these smart lights are the most budget-friendly idea of a decor that also reduces stress and fosters pleasure, as per some extra benefits. So, do try (at least) one of the above-mentioned ways of styling and enjoy the results!

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