How To Raise Furniture Height? | Some Effective Solutions

Optimizing any space with better ergonomics is the ideal solution to reduce the discomfort of spending prolonged working hours. A well-designed furniture setup not only alleviates the stress and pain in the back or neck but also accommodates taller individuals. To enhance productivity, and convenience, and improve posture, the height of your furniture can be adjusted to one’s requirements.

Raising furniture height is a great solution for individuals with mobility issues to get up and sit back easily on their chairs, desks, or beds. If you are looking for simple ways to raise your furniture’s height, this detailed guide by Dubai Carpenter will help you with different tips and steps to create DIY raisers.

Methods to Raise Furniture Height

If you’ve got a furniture piece that doesn’t fit your posture requirements, you can elevate its height by following the best tips mentioned below.

1. Use Furniture Raisers

Use Furniture Raisers

Using furniture raisers is a cost-effective and convenient way to raise your chairs or desk’s height while maintaining their original structure and design. To add instant height, you can choose interconnected chair raisers that fit through highly adjustable legs, offering smooth in-and-out movement. Also, you can use large or sturdy raisers with a wide base for beds that will not only increase their height but also distribute the weight equally. In addition, you can use multiple raisers that can be stacked under each desk’s leg if needed.

2. Replace Current Legs With Taller Ones

If you are looking for a permanent solution for your chairs or tables, one of the best ideas is to replace the existing legs with a taller one. Before you replace, identify the type and material of legs you want for your furniture and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, determine the right leg height by testing the existing one and note down the measurements. Aside from that, you can consider a mounting plate that can be quickly attached to your furnishing elements using screws.

3. Use Bun Feet

Use Bun Feet Furniture

Another suitable option for those who are planning to make their desks or tables taller according to their convenience is to add bun feet. These bun feet are usually crafted from wood in round shapes and custom sizes. To add 3-4 inches to the height of your furnishings, these bun feet are the most affordable option. For semi-permanent height adjustment solutions, you can also customize Furniture these bun feet for up to 10 inches in height. To install them, you need to create a hole of about a diameter of 0.25 to 1.25 inches in the desk’s bottom using a drill machine and attach the bun feet to them. The best aspect about these bun feet is that they can be easily removed or reinstalled, making themselves a versatile solution for furniture adjustment.

4. Use Wooden Extensions

Wood extensions or blocks are typically designed to add stability to wobbly chairs or desks even after adding height through feet buns and furniture raisers. The problem of wobbliness and instability arises due to improper installation or fixing of furniture raisers. Adding a wooden extension can restore stability and add the desired height to your furnishings. When choosing an extension, ensure that it aligns with your leg’s width and material type for a cohesive look. Drill holes after proper measurements and use hanger bolts to attach these extensions. Tighten these bolts using a screwdriver and ensure they are securely fastened.

5. Modify The Top To Raise the Height

Modify The Top To Raise the Height

One of the trickiest ways to adjust your furnishings to your requirements is to add a layer of material on your table tops rather than modifying their legs. For a permanent solution, you can add a layer of wood or marble on the desk or table’s top aligning with the height of your chair. These wooden materials can be attached to your furniture pieces using wood glue. Purchase a wooden or laminate slab after taking proper measurements for additional height and attach it to your furniture using a quality adhesive or glue.

6. Install Caster Wheels

The attachment of glides and caster wheels is another ideal way to enhance the height of your chairs or desks. Collect needed tools like drills, screws, and screwdrivers, and buy high-quality casters. To begin with, mark the placement of casters on your furniture and drill pilot holes at the marked placement. Attach the casters with screws and use the screwdriver to tighten them. After the attachment of casters, test your chair by sitting whether it is stable to sit or not. If they’re not balanced, adjust the casters until they are leveled.

7. Add Cushions To Your Furniture

Add Cushions To Your Furniture

To enhance a little bit of height to your furnishings, one of the best and timeless solutions is to add padding or cushions to your furniture accessories. The cushions with variable thicknesses can lift your existing seating timelessly, providing you with a lot of comfort and great posture support as well. Cushions made from foams are the best pick to add to your furnishings to elevate the height just according to your preferences.

Steps To Create A DIY Furniture Raisers

Steps To Create A DIY Furniture Raisers

Rather than buying from the market, you can DIY make furniture raisers to avoid spending budget and enhance the comfort and functionality of your furnishings.

Assessing Your Furniture and Needs

Before you implement the solution, you need to assess your requirements about the additional height so that you can purchase wooden boards or cinder blocks accordingly. Here’s the guide to making DIY wooden blocks for your chairs, desks, or tables.

Tools and Materials Needed

You’ll need the following basic tools to drill holes and secure attachments.

  • Wooden Blocks
  • Adhesive Or Glue
  • Measuring Tape
  • Hand Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdriver
  • Ruler & Pencil
  • Drill Machine

1. Measure And Cut

Measure And Cut

Take measurements of the desk or chairs to add additional height and note down the dimensions on a piece of paper. Take your wooden boards and cut them to sizes using a hand saw. You can stack multiple wooden boards over each other and each by joining with adhesive or glue. Keep stacking the boards until you achieve the desired height.

2. Sand The Edges

After you join the boards, allow them to set for an appropriate time to cure the adhesive. Then, use sandpaper to sand all four sides of the wooden block you created. Ensure wearing gloves and a safety mask before sanding the wooden piece.

3. Drill Pilot Holes And Attach Blocks

Drill Pilot Holes And Attach Blocks Furniture

Now that the block is prepared, mark placement for drilling holes in the chair’s leg for joining purposes. Drill holes of about 0.25 inches in diameter and attach the wooden blocks or extensions using hanger bolts. Use a screwdriver to fasten the bolts, ensuring stability and safety.

Final Note!

Furniture essentials are the most integral pieces of your living space with their great functionalities of comfort and convenience. If you’ve bought a furniture element that doesn’t accommodate taller individuals, you can enhance their height following different easy methods. The height can be greatly enhanced by using the furniture raisers, bun feet, and wooden blocks.

You can DIY make the furniture raisers by selecting the right and sustainable materials. Also, you can get a professional carpenter’s assistance for customized furniture to adjust the chairs, desks, or bed height to your requirements. In addition to that, you can use a desk converter to enhance your furnishing’s height without making any physical modifications Hope, using the effective hacks in this guide, you will adjust or raise your furnishing’s height to your needs.

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