PVC Kitchen Cabinets: Complete Pros and Cons

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC in short, is a highly efficient, useful and resilient material and it has replaced a lot of traditional materials and treatments in recent years. Amongst the wide uses of this sturdy and smart material, a notable one is the idea of using it for storage, or to be more specific, cabinetry construction. And where do we need cabinets and shelving the most?

For residential settings, it’s none other than the kitchen and if you’re new to the approach of PVC kitchen cabinets, Dubai Carpenter welcomes you to read an interesting piece of information. And if you’re looking forward to a kitchen renovation or just need to redo/touch up the storage, this data will help you in making favorable choices and trying out something new.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets

Benefits And Drawbacks Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets

PVC is indeed an incredibly serviceable material and has its application in nearly everything ranging from floorings to fabrication blends, all for good reason.

So, let’s see whether or not it does make a good cabinetry material as well.

Pros Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets

Here are the potential reasons for choosing PVC as your next kitchen interior cabinetry material.

Pros Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets

1- Extreme Affordability

Fair enough, the foremost plus point of choosing PVC for literally any purpose and in our case, for kitchen cabinetry, is the fact that it is highly budget-friendly. You get a decent level of performance and the authentic look of any desired (costly) material like wooden or stone ones, that too, at a fraction of cost. So if you want a beautiful kitchen makeover on a budget, PVC is the right option.

2- Excellent Durability

PVC is reasonably durable and hence a value for money material to invest in. This factor makes it an excellent choice for kitchen interiors which are constantly prone to a lot of wear and tear and where frequent replacements or renovations are not always feasible. Moreover, if for some reason, you cannot get kitchen storage made of wooden or metal materials, you can always go for PVC which will offer you the same extent of advantages and longevity.

3- Aesthetic Versatility

As mentioned earlier, PVC comes in nearly endless design options which will give you the flexibility to design your kitchen interior just how you please. Other than realistic effects of other materials, there are plenty of color, patterns and finish options available as well and you can easily find the most perfect and complimenting matches for your existing kitchen theme. This proves helpful if you’re only getting cabinetry upgrades and not the entire overhaul.

4- High Resilience 

Another fundamental benefit of PVC is that it is resistant to a vast majority of damaging factors. In the context of the kitchen, the prominent ones are moisture, termites, heat, humidity and stains, warping and cracking. This way, PVC makes a great fit for just about every space and you can use it in all those areas where you cannot employ traditional materials like wood or aluminum. Damage-resistance does mean better durability too.

5- Easy Upkeep

Kitchens are the kind of areas that are always super busy and ultimately highly prone to stains, marks and other forms of wear and tear. So, there’s a dire need to choose all those materials and components that are easy to clean and maintain. PVC is one such wondrous material which is the easiest to keep clean and you can even go on for days without cleaning your PVC cabinets (just don’t delay it a lot!). The high stain-resistance also prevents problematic situations.

6- Convenient Handling

PVC is a lightweight material, therefore very easy to deal with, something you’d highly prefer in your kitchens. And if you’re not a fan of heavy wood or metal storage compartments, PVC will totally have your back. Another amazing fact at this point is that if you’re into DIYs (installations, enhancements, repairs, etc.) you’re meant to enjoy using PVC a lot and can also save on all the fitting and restoration expenses. This proves helpful in case of all deteriorations.

By all means, PVC kitchen cabinets are worth a shot, given all these and many other benefits, an option that will save you money and effort. 

Cons Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets 

These are some factors which may lead you to reconsider your decision of kitchen storage made from PVC.

Cons Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets 

1- Prone To Discoloration

Though PVC is quite attractive in appearance, it can end up getting faded or discolored, particularly if it gets in contact with sunlight or moisture excessively. This is to say that you won’t be able to enjoy the looks for very long periods of time.

2- Limited Fire Resistance 

PVC has minimal resistance to flames, unlike other materials such as concrete or wood, therefore, it is likely to become a threat in case of fire outbreaks. This can go in terms of heat damage as well.

3- Negative Environmental Impact

PVC is a form of plastic and its manufacturing process has several adverse effects on the planet. It is not very sustainable and has a high likelihood of ending up in landfills, hence harming the environment.

If you’re willing to overlook this downside, PVC can make a fine storage material option which won’t cause a lot of trouble. 

Wrapping Everything Up

Kitchen cabinets made out of PVC is indeed a very unique idea and absolutely worth trying. Not to mention that PVC is one of the cheapest, yet most cost-effective construction and surfacing materials out there and there’s no way it won’t make a worthwhile storage substance. In our interesting talk today, we took you through all the plus points as well as disadvantages of using PVC as a cabinet, storage or shelving material and we hope that you enjoy every part of it. And it is needless to say that home improvement, both major and minor, must involve maximum research so as to make beneficial decisions possible.

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